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New & Used Kayaks

So many kayaks so much confusion. Where to start?

Repeat after me�..The Boat needs to fit!

Start with some basics. Ignore the marketing, ignore the manufactures hype, and ignore stereotypes of paddlers. Remember that the boat needs to fit. It needs to fit you physically, but more important, it must fit your needs. We all have a unique set of prioritized criteria for the craft that gets us out on the water, across the pond and to the farthest reaches of our imagination. 

Note. Clearly we are opinionated and have some attitude. But experience has taught us that our careful and thoughtful matchmaking creates comfortable, confident and happy paddlers. We encourage anyone who dreams of getting out on the water to give it a try. Hundreds of happy paddlers attest to our methods. Our solid knowledge and experience allow us to match good folks with the right boats in the right price range.

LGK has carefully honed its inventory. Through our collective years of experience, we have tested and identified a selection of kayaks for our customers to choose from. Each boat is pinpointed for its ability to perform in a specific environment, house a range of body types and fit within certain budget and performance criteria. You won't find any fad boats here unless, of course, it's also a great boat with a proven performance record.

At the Lake George Kayak Co. we have carefully tested and selected the kayaks we offer. For information and pricing sorted by type and manufacturer, click on the links to the left.

Recreational Icon

Just for Kicks, or paddling, as it were.

While some folks may be looking for a long term commitment, others are simply looking for some good, clean (inexpensive) fun. Enter the recreational boat. This category of kayak is designed for the paddler in need of a workable space. The cockpits are typically open and less space designated for storage. Fishermen and birders often put the wide platform of a recreational boat to good use. Despite industry rumors, a recreational boat does not offer more stability than other kayaks. Made primarily of polyethylene, these boats will not move as swiftly or offer the extras that other kayaks might. For a boat that paddles a little easier, a day touring kayak might be for you. Looking to buy a boat?  Be sure to check out Ike's Axioms before you do!


Day Touring Icon


A long drink of water.

Day touring kayaks are longer and narrower than rec boats, designed to paddle easier. For the same (or little more) money, day touring kayaks will perform better than a rec boat. A sleeker design increases on water agility and features like bulkheads allow for some storage and enhance day-long paddling trips. These boats are a beautiful marriage of aesthetics and functionality. Based on the material these boats encompass a broad price range, making day touring kayaks an option for most budgets. For a more efficient paddle with storage and seaworthiness, read about plastic touring boats. Looking to buy a boat?  Be sure to check out Ike's Axioms before you do!

Touring Plastic Icon

Paddle nimble, Paddle quick.  Kayak made of pretty plastic.

Plastic touring boats measure 16 feet of length or more. Not only does their length offer more space for gear, their narrow beam makes these boats sleeker and more specifically tailored to keep you moving swiftly straight ahead as you paddle. Made of durable polymers, plastic touring kayaks are best suited to people who are looking to invest in a boat that will see them through long trips and many years to come. 16 feet of plastic can get a little weighty on dry land—for a boat that’s just as roomy, but weighs a little less, change materials to composite touring boats. Looking to buy a boat?  Be sure to check out Ike's Axioms before you do!

Touring Composite Icon


All grown up.

A composite touring kayak is the go-to Kayak for those looking for the best of everything.  More sophisticated materials, incredible engineering, savvy design and a history of excellence.  Composite touring kayaks have the latest technology materials making them lighter, faster and more durable as your paddling appetite takes you on longer trips, with unique storage needs, through choppier water.  They come in a variety of dimensions to meet the distinct needs of each paddler, but the constant is a longer, narrower shape with a focus on agility and predictability.  Looking to buy a boat?  Be sure to check out Ike's Axioms before you do!


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