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Ike Axioms

1. WHAT WORKS: Forget what you've heard.  Ignore the marketing hype, disregard the reviews on the manufactuer's website, and leave the kayak myths on the dock.  Instead pay careful attention to how the boat feels and responds while you're on a test paddle.  Don't buy a boat without paddling it first.

2. WHAT FEELS GOOD: It seems obvious, but if you plan to be out paddling, you need to be comfortable.  Boats come in all shapes and sizes to match your body type, whatever that might be.

3. WHAT FITS: You sit in a canoe, but you wear a kayak.  A paddler must feel connected to the boat, and be able to confidently maneuver without feeling cramped.  The cockpit should feel tailored, not to tight or too roomy.

4. WHAT YOU NEED: If you're a gear hound, you'll need room for stuff.  If you're a fisherman, look for a boat that offers a wide platform.  If you have whitewater in your backyard, don't buy and 18 foot missile.  Different boats work for different activities.  If you've hear about crossover boats from a salesman somewhere, please read rule 1 again.

5. WHAT YOU CAN BALANCE: Let's start by saying that kayaks aren't stable, people are.  You, the paddler, control how the boat rides and responds - not the other way around.  Balance should not be a concern if you understand rules 2 and 3.  Yet another great reason to paddle before you buy.  And for the myth about  "initial stability", please see rule 1.

6. WHAT YOU CARRY: Much more important than balance.  Transport needs to be considered when selecting a boat.  If you can't carry it, chances are you won't be paddling it.  Plastic boats, while economical are heavier then their composite coousins.


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