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Paddling Tips & Trips

Paddling articles courtesy of Adirondack Explorer magazine

The Adirondack Explorer is a non-profit, bimonthly magazine devoted to the East's great park and how to use it wisely, enjoy it fully and protect it permanently. 

Paddling pristine waters
In 2003 the Open Space Institute purchased 9,600 acres from NLIndustries bordering the High Peaks. Sometime soon, the state plans to buy 6,200 acres from OSI and add them to the “forever wild” Forest Preserve. more >>

Champlain coast delights kayakers
It is a balmy weekend, and my husband and I have a free Saturday. Not ones for letting a vivid autumn day go to waste, we’ve decided to spend it paddling a pair of 16-foot plastic sea kayaks along one of the more spectacular waterborne day trips in the Adirondack region.... more >>

Lake Champlain’s Bali Hai
The boat traffic was heavy that Sunday afternoon, and our sea kayaks were being bounced around in the crosspattern of wakes thrown off by much larger boats in more of a hurry than we were. more >>

Three days in the Five Ponds
Since coming to the Adirondacks, I’d been hearing about the classic canoe route that begins on the Bog River Flow and winds through the Five Ponds Wilderness toward Cranberry Lake. This northwestern section of the Park contains some of the most remote forests... more >>

This island is your island
On an autumn evening tagged with the first freeze warning of the season, I pitched my tent on campsite No. 2, Kirpens Island, Indian lake...more >>

At home in the wild
We introduced our two children to the Adirondacks at an early age. At first, we took them to beaches with just enough toys, food, drink and sunblock to last the day... more >>

Island treasures
Although I’d been to Lake George in powerboats before, this was my first visit by canoe. The short cruise from my campsite on Big Burnt Island to Glen Island rekindled a previous impression...more >>

Marsh madness
What intrigued me most about the 1965 aerial picture by Adirondack photographer Richard Dean was the foreground: a wildly vibrating, curvaceous channel, which led my eye toward a tiny, tear-shaped bay...more >>

A three day pass to heaven
What do you do after sending 14-year-old daughter off on a plane to visit BFF (best friend forever) in Minneapolis? Take the boys to Lake Lila for three angst-free days!...more >>

The pond less paddled
Bordered by marshes, surrounded by wooded hills, the Cedar River Flow in the central Adirondacks had long been one of our favorite paddling spots... more >>

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