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Who is Impex...

     We are kayakers.

     This Seems to be a simple enough statement, however it is something that we take a lot of pride in.  Over the years we, some of us longer than others,  have developed a love for this sport that we carry with us each day.  Impex Kayaks for us is not merely a job, but a lifestyle.  We look at each of our kayaks with the same attention to detail in performance and craftsmanship that you do.  We have to.  Not only do we want the best for you, but  we demand the best of our equipment when we are on the water.

     Over the past year we have made many changes, changes that have brought our company to new heights.  We promise that as we continue on our path we will never lose sight of who we are or how we got here.  Our soulful feel allows us to treat each of our customers as if they were all part of our extended family of kayakers.  

     We want to thank those who have helped us to achieve the position we are in today, and invite others to come and see what Impex Kayaks is about.  Welcome aboard and happy Paddling.

The Staff at Impex Kayaks.

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