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War Canoe Rentals

No Experience Necessary!


When you rent a war canoe from Lake George Kayak Company you’ll be getting more then a boat-we provide basic instruction, life vests, paddles, and guidance on the best places to paddle. To keep things simple we launch our boats into the water on location so you won’t need to worry about carrying a canoe around or paying a parking fee, however the option to car-top your kayak and launch elsewhere is always open.            

Beginners Beware! Canoeing is a dangerously fun and easy activity recommended for the whole family regardless of experience. Casual paddling may lead to a full on Kayaking addiction.  

Our staff at the boathouse provides personal attention and expertise to insure the comfort and safety of our customers. Canoeing doesn’t require strength or catlike reflexes, just patience and finesse. Over the years we’ve had passengers as young as 1 and paddlers well into their 80’s.  

Bring a Towel! Plan on getting a little wet while canoeing. We recommend quick-dry clothing like athletic shorts or a bathing suit and a pair of sandals or flip-flops. We provide on site changing facilities and a restroom for our customers.  



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